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12.Jul.2017 DJ SVEN E

„DJ Sven E […] is a German DJ who has prescribed the electronic sounds! His repertoire ranges from housy sounds to hard Hardstyle beats! His main genre but mainly consists of Dance and Hard Trance Sets! His versatility makes him an all-rounder who knows how to bring the crowd to celebrate and is thus a welcome guest in small clubs and discos in Greater!“


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04.Jul.2016 DER FREAK

„his dj career started also early as he was 13 with a berlin based authentic way.
he has today in his residency at the berliner kitkat club. his sound swinging between dark voices and light-bubbled melodies, directed always to the smell of sweat …“


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22.Apr.2016 DJ SAID

„I first gazed up on the light of the world on the 19th of August 1993 in the capital of Bayern. At 15, to my luck, destiny brought me to the right place at the right time. On my weekend away to Schliersee I spoke to one of my acquaintances regarding Dj software. During our discussion, he explained to me the processes and hidden tricks to this ‘music’. In the coming days, the way I enjoyed music in a completely new perspective. “


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15.Mrz.2016 SHEDJ DENISE

„Falls Du also mal einen DJ benötigst, sei es für Geburtstage, Hochzeiten, Party’s etc. würde ich mich über eine Anfrage sehr freuen.

In diesem Sinne – CU LATER ALEGATOR“


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11.Mrz.2016 DJ IQ-TALO

„This would have DJ IQ Talo aka R[…] L[…] not let dream! 1998 his career began as an amateur DJ at the Disco Rolling formation ‚Moonlight‘.“


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04.Jan.2016 MARCUS JAHN

„Because of temporal advancement of the electronic music and the numerous facets of Techno, House, Trance and Progressive he always decided for the sound, he loved personally. With thanks to all supporters and models of this big musician’s family, if he always aim to himself to move productions and appearances deferentially with love. „


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27.Apr.2015 DJ PLAYA

„Starting out as a DJ in his school years, he has every few months rocked the school as a DJ. After his schooling was over, he slept with his first DJ Equipment and began his first turntables at the hook.“


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07.Aug.2014 DJ SCARPE

„“In the 90s he began with the laying on, he started with Hands Up, Trance and Hard Trance.
After some time, he realized that is his great love Hardstyle and he extended his styles. Today he hangs up almost exclusively Hardstyle, Hard Trance & Hardcore and Dutch House.
He is known for tough yet melodic sound.
Heated at various events he has a tidy the Partycrowdz.“


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05.Aug.2014 DJ ESCALATE

„I began with the deejaying 4 jears ago. It isn´t only my hobby, because music is a really important thing in my life. My dream is the job, hobby and party to bring in one thing. When i´m standing infront of the turntable, than i´m very happy.“


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20.Feb.2014 INFINITY

„Sein bisheriger Höhepunkt war wohl das Arrangement auf der NATURE ONE 2004 in Kastellaun (DE).“


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